Football games are held every weekend from the end of August through October. Marching occurs at both home games and away games. Students must ride the school-provided bus to all away games. A pre-game show is performed then the Band marches a portion of that year’s show during half time. Students MUST sit with the Band during games but have “Third-Quarter Privileges” – they can roam the stadium, buy food and socialize during the third quarter of the game. It is mandatory that students be back and seated in the bandstand by the fourth quarter. During the other quarters, the Band performs to get the crowd and cheerleaders excited and of course, the fight song for each point scored by the Medina Bees! Spiritwear and Krispy Kreme donuts (yum!) are for sale at home games. Both are important fundraisers for the Band Parents’ Association. At away games, the show is always played to the home stadium so many parents move to that side for half time to cheer our Musical Bees!

Marching band season begins in late July or early August with music camp, a one-week crash course in learning the music for that year’s performance through small groups and ensembles. Practices are mandatory. No marching takes place yet. Please check the EVENTS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER   schedule for woodwind, brass and percussion rehearsal times. Snacks may be purchased on Thursday and Friday that week.

The next two weeks are called Band Camp and marching begins. Specific maneuvers are learned along with accompanying music - it is an intensive process and takes place in the parking lot outside the Performing Arts Center. Parents often gather near the end of the evening practice to cheer the children on as the show is perfected during the second week. While the schedule is changeable, in general, practice for all is from 8am to noon, with Check Offs in the afternoon and more practice from 6:00-8:30pm. Band Camp is mandatory. Socks and tennis shoes are required. Students bring side-walk chalk for marking their positions, as well as sunscreen, sunglasses and hats. Make sure your son or daughter has plenty of water and snacks, or money to purchase some. It gets very hot being on the asphalt for three to four hours a day.

A fun night full of information! Held part way through Band Camp in August, each family brings a dessert to share; drinks are provided.

This is when all band events are explained and you have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for specific dates and times that are good for you. BRING YOUR CALENDARS AND CHECKBOOKS! Spiritwear and yard signs can be ordered and you can take care of other fees all at once.

Students have evening practice during the event then join families and finish off whatever desserts are left! You will be introduced to all chairpersons and officers of the Band Parents Association. It’s a great night!

A celebration for our hard working students and directors! It is held at Medina Assembly of God picnic area, usually on a Thursday around 6:00 p.m., the last week of Band Camp. This event is chaperoned and students are “given the evening off” in order to celebrate with food, games and socializing. Usually pizza, pop, music and good times are enjoyed for a job well done and a disc jockey provides the tunes. Parents are more than welcome to provide snacks, desserts and side dishes. The Picnic is funded by the Band Parents Association, donations (both monetary and other) from local businesses and Band Parent volunteers and/or their donations. If you want to participate, volunteers are always needed to be on this committee – and its fun, too! You can contact the Chairperson or just sign up at the Dessert Kick-Off!

You and your sacrifices are not ignored! On this special night held near the end of football season, Marching Band students form an “M” on the field and parents are invited to stand on the field next to their son or daughter. While there, the band performs for you! Senior student and parent names are announced. On a fun note, students have the opportunity to order and pre-pay for carnations to present to their moms that night! All are applauded. It’s a touching and beautiful evening.

The Medina Senior High School Musical Marching Bees is a COMPETITION BAND. This stellar Band competes in three to four competitions each season in addition to performing at every, single football game, community parades and a variety of other performances. At each competition, the Band is evaluated on music, percussion, marching and maneuvering, general effect and best auxiliary by a panel of judges. The Band is competing against other bands as well as a goal of obtaining a score to qualify to compete at the state competition (OMEA). All competitions are announced at the beginning of the season. Competitions are held on Saturdays and the Band travels by bus to these events. Parents attend for support and the students love that! Trophies are awarded based upon performance. Keep your fingers crossed! For all competitions, Gary Ciulla provides a packet including directions that is available in the band room on the day of the competition. Earning a “1” rating in any competition qualifies the band to compete in State Competition.

If the Band qualifies, this performance is held the last weekend in October or the first weekend in November. Many parents travel to State Competition to cheer on our Musical Bees – with their 10 straight superior ratings (2002-2011). There are four classes of bands: AA, A, B, and C. The music chosen for the performance dictates the class, with Medina performing in class AA, the most difficult!